Genesis 26:23

  • Version King James Version
23 And he went up from thence to Beer-sheba.

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  • So Abraham returned unto his young men, and they rose up and went together to Beer-sheba; and Abraham dwelt at Beer-sheba.
    Genesis 22:19, King James Version
  • And Jacob went out from Beer-sheba, and went toward Haran.
    Genesis 28:10, King James Version
  • And Abraham turneth back unto his young men, and they rise and go together unto Beer-Sheba; and Abraham dwelleth in Beer-Sheba.
    Genesis 22:19, Young's Literal Translation
  • And Jacob goeth out from Beer-Sheba, and goeth toward Haran,
    Genesis 28:10, Young's Literal Translation
  • Wherefore he called that place Beer-sheba; because there they sware both of them.
    Genesis 21:31, King James Version