Genesis 26:27

  • Version King James Version
27 And Isaac said unto them, Wherefore come ye to me, seeing ye hate me, and have sent me away from you?

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  • Wherefore didst thou flee away secretly, and steal away from me; and didst not tell me, that I might have sent thee away with mirth, and with songs, with tabret, and with harp?
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  • And his father Isaac said unto him, Come near now, and kiss me, my son.
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  • And Jephthah said unto the elders of Gilead, Did not ye hate me, and expel me out of my father's house? and why are ye come unto me now when ye are in distress?
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  • And David went out to meet them, and answered and said unto them, If ye be come peaceably unto me to help me, mine heart shall be knit unto you: but if ye be come to betray me to mine enemies, seeing there is no wrong in mine hands, the God of our fathers look thereon, and rebuke it.
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