Genesis 34:4

  • Version King James Version
4 And Shechem spake unto his father Hamor, saying, Get me this damsel to wife.

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  • And Hamor, father of Shechem, goeth out unto Jacob to speak with him;
    Genesis 34:6, Young's Literal Translation
  • And Hamor the father of Shechem went out unto Jacob to commune with him.
    Genesis 34:6, King James Version
  • And Hamor speaketh with them, saying, `Shechem, my son, his soul hath cleaved to your daughter; give her, I pray you, to him for a wife,
    Genesis 34:8, Young's Literal Translation
  • And their words pleased Hamor, and Shechem Hamor's son.
    Genesis 34:18, King James Version
  • And Hamor communed with them, saying, The soul of my son Shechem longeth for your daughter: I pray you give her him to wife.
    Genesis 34:8, King James Version