A Stable Christmas

An excerpt from this article is in the Christmas 2020 issue of Lubbsy Magazine.

Living in fear rarely leads to a blessed life or being able to bless others. It results in us being unstable.


When the angel Gabriel told Zacharias that his wife Elizabeth was going to give birth, even though she was barren, we are told he was fearful and did not believe, and so he was not allowed to speak. But when the angel told Mary that she was going to give birth, even though she was a virgin, she believed it. And the angel said that Mary would be blessed because she believed.

It does seem quite extreme that the angel stopped Zacharias from speaking, but it tells us something about how important our words are.
In contrast, Mary began speaking positively about what she believed to be true. She sang about how stable her God is and how blessed she was. This stability and blessing became a magnet for even more blessing: wise men travelled from far away lands to bring gifts and to worship this baby, who they believed would bless the whole world.

Unfortunately, the world we live in often wants to silence the positive voices and amplify the fearful ones.

And his mouth was opened immediately, and his tongue loosed, and he spake, and praised God.
Luke 1:64 (KJV)

Through his time of being kept silent, Zacharias was changed from a man who struggled to believe a physical angel stood in front of him, into a man who confidently proclaimed how Jesus would be a light in dark places and would save the world by forgiving their sin. The difference, the Bible says, is that he became filled with the Holy Spirit.


That gift of being filled with the Holy Spirit is freely available now to all who believe and trust in Jesus and there is no better way to remain stable and free from fear than being filled with the Holy Spirit. Being filled with the Holy Spirit can also give us the confidence to speak what the world needs to hear, even when it seems like no-one is listening.

The church has been kept silent long enough. It is time for us to speak the same positive message that Zacharias spoke, a message of hope and forgiveness. Our God wants to bless us and not harm us, but He cannot do that if we live in fear.

This Christmas, be stable and stay blessed.

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